The program for the tastings in The Vintage Port Club in the next year is ready. There will be 7 different, but very exciting tastings in the season 2015-16.

Here are the headlines:

21.9.15: Vintage 1985. We will taste 10 different Ports from 1985 and celebrate the 30 years of the vintage. Among others we will have Dow, Noval, Fonseca, Burmester, Smith Woodhouse, Infantado, Taylor, Graham, Ramos Pinto and Calém.

3.11.15: Ramos Pinto Vintage 1983. Together with João Nicolau de Almeida we will taste four samples made of single grape varieties together with the final blend. After this tecnical tasting we will enjoy other vintages from Ramos Pinto.

25.11.15: Old Tawny: S. Leonardo from Quinta de Mourao. This years Christmas tasting is with old Tawny, and not just the usual 10, 20, 30 og 40 years, but also even older Tawnies and Colheitas.

14.1.16: Vintage 1966. Today this vintage i allmost as popular as 1963. We will have different bottles with 50 years behind them including Taylor, Graham, Delaforce, Dow and Fonseca.

February 2916: Winemakers Dinner with Sónia Figueira and Carla Tiago from Sogevinus. Time, place and program will follow, but the Company owns brands like Kopke, Calém, Feist, Barros, Burmester and Hutcheson.

16.3.16: Triathlon Single Quinta. Allways a popular tasting of four different houses in three different vintages. This time with Single Quinta Vintage.

28.4.16: Annual General Meeting and Vintage 2009. We will taste this young and still payable Vintage.