The Vintage Port Club

The Vintage Port Club was established 13th of September 1989 in Odense. A select group of port wine-lovers decided to found a club focused on port wine of high quality.


The objective of the club

The objective of The Vintage Port Club is to further the knowledge of port wines of good quality. Throughout the year the club hosts a number of tastings for members, of course, and interested quests alike. During these tastings one can familiarize oneself with a broad selection of ports – young and old. In particular the club has a distinct focus on vintage ports and other port types of high quality.

The tastings

The club typically hosts five, sometimes more tastings throughout the season, typically going from September to May. The tastings often have various themes. Such tasting-themes might be:

The most recent vintage

Prestige tastings of older wines, typically vintages and colheitas

Horizontal tastings, e.g. wines in a good year from 8 – 12 port houses

Vertical tastings, e.g. ports from a given house over a series of years

Tasting of single quintas, i.e. wines from a single winery or vineyard

The tastings take place in a quite relaxed atmosphere, where everybody can pitch in. Often the club arranges talks and presentations pertaining various wines and themes. As usual there’s ample possibilities to discuss the single wines.

Read about one of our tastings here: quinta-dos-mal…sting-271-2011/ ‎


No special prerequisites exist for memberships. Each member pays a subscription (as of this writing kr. 500, (67.05 €) annually. The subscription covers expenses for office, postage, housing, cleaning etc. Moreover the subscription also serves as a buffer for prestigious tastings. Each individual tasting is paid for by the participants, the amount varies from tasting to tasting.

Should you wish to know more about  The Vintage Port Club, please contact our cashier, Per Stenaa or our president via this e-mail address: post@vintageport.dk

We’re looking forward to mutual tasting.

Best regards,

The Vintage Port Club[:]